The best audio tagger for Linux

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I was having a huge dilemma – I can’t give up on Linux and could not find a good audio tagger for Linux. I spent many hours searching for the best alternative to MediaMonkey for Linux and finally I found not just an alternative, but actually a better and faster audio tagger than MediaMonkey.

So…let me present you the best music player and audio tagger for Linux – Juk

What can you do with it? You can edit the main things that people care about when it comes to tagging – change artist, title of the song and filename. What I like about Juk is that I can do all that just by highlighting the song in the playlist.

When I want to edit a song with Juk all I do is change the artist’s name and the title of the song. Then I can simply press CTR-T to save the changes and CTR-R to automatically change the filename to “artist – title.mp3” as I set it up. Of course, you can choose another format if you want, Juk allows customisation. You can set up a large number of shortcuts and you can opt for different views of the player. Another useful feature is that you have both the options to remove the song from the playlist and to delete it completely from the hard drive with either 2 clicks or a simple shortcut that you can set up for it.

The sound is good, I haven’t noticed any bugs at all. The developer made a very good job with and I really appreciate that they offered this extremely useful piece of software for free.

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