sfântul Nicolae

Saint Nicholas – The punisher of naughty Romanian kids

In Romania we have a controversial proverb used by parents who smack their kids: “The beating is ripped from heaven”. The majority of Romanians are religious (orthodox Christians), and who can set a better example of being a good parent than God himself?

As you know, God in the Old Testament always punished his children when they misbehaved and this tough love tradition is continued in Romania by Saint Nicholas. Even though “Saint Nicholas” is not a word used for “stick” or “discipline wand” during the beatings anymore since Romanian children are now better protected from abusive parents and teachers, the naughty children of Romania still get a discipline wand tonight in their boots instead of candy.

Conclusion: After years of getting discipline wands on Saint Nicholas Day, Romanian children are more trained for the doomsday than kids in fanatically religious families that only hear about the Judgement Day, but never face the consequences for their naughty actions.






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