No sound in Windows 8.1

I was really angry to discover frequent sound issues with Windows 8.1. The sound icon shows up as mute and when I press the troubleshoot button no fix is available. Fortunately, I found a small and quick hack to help you fix the no sound issue in Windows 8.1.

No sound in Windows 8.1 – solution found:

1. Insert the microphone from the headphones.

2. Go to the sound icon and press troubleshoot again.

3. Wait for a few seconds until you are prompted to „apply this fix” and press the button to accept it.

4. Play a song/video.

If you are playing a song/video inside a browser, refresh the page  after you applied the fix to get it work.

No sound issue in Windows 8.1 might be tricky to discover if you don’t have the sound icon visible on your desktop. The last time I encountered it I thought it’s a YouTube or a browser issue, so I tried playing another video on YouTube, I installed the latest flash version, cleared the cache and tried a different browser just to figure out that the sound issue was coming from my Windows audio.






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