How to restore a removed app logged in with Facebook

Activated removed app logged in with Facebook

It’s easy to make an app active again to be able to log in with your Facebook account after you removed its permissions on Facebook. Here is my case study…

I installed Outfit Swipe, a free fashion app available in Google Play and I signed up using my Facebook account. I revoked its permissions by mistake while updating my security settings on Facebook and then I couldn’t log into the app using my Facebook account anymore. I checked my Facebook profile settings and I saw my app listed under the Removed tab. I tried everything possible on Facebook, but there is no way to un-remove apps using the tools in the Facebook’s interface.

To make the app show up under the Active tab again, I went to Outfit Swipe’s page on Google Play and I reinstalled the app. Then I pressed the button “continue with Facebook” and allowed the app to log me in with my Facebook account.

After I reloaded the Facebook settings page in the screen capture above, I noticed that the app vanished from the Removed apps list and was automatically transferred to the Active apps list.

Maricela Potoc

Programmer & Mechatronics student


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