You might be asking…what could I say about the F-word that you don’t already know? Well…I’m not avoiding to say the F-word because I am shy, but because that is exactly how the CNC programmers call it and not one of them are embarassed to use it!

In G-Code, the programming language used by people to control CNC machines, we have words and addresses. So, if I write F850 in a G-Code editor, the letter F is the word, the number is the address. The CNC machine will move at 850 millimeters per minute(if it’s set up to use the International System of Units and it’s used for milling). The F-word actually comes from feed rate


Funny fact: the F-word is a common word for Romanian people. In Romanian, fuck (pronounced exactly like in English, but written “fac“) means “I do” or “I make”, depending on the context. So, any Romanian trying to be cool by swearing in English is automatically lame.






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