There is no right path, just options

I used to wonder…what should I do in life? What is the right path to follow? Then I used to find something that worked perfectly for me, improved my life and made me happy and I thought that I found nirvana for everyone, but this was definitely not the case. Even if my way worked smoothly, people want to follow their own path, even if it’s less efficient or even toxic. People have their own standards and I will never be able to estimate correctly the percentage of hatred each person feels for his/her own self so I could personalize my method for each of them to accept it.

You might think that all people want to be happy. This is not true. Humans feel miserable quite often whether they admit it or not and these feelings cancer cells remain hidden in a corner while the individual seems healthy and alive even to himself. The only symptoms are these illogical rejections of options that could make their life better(less pain, less effort, less wasted time etc.) And at the end of the day…who am I to want to cure them? I am no hate healer nor do I want to be. I can provide options, MY options. Weather they chose to follow the things in there or not, that is totally up to them.

There is no connection between us and no common goal for the whole humanity, all we have is a great number of options and a unique number of combinations. Our life is similar to the DNA – our choices are grouped in a string of combinations that could never be the same for 2 individuals. The only difference is that we are not born with our life DNA, we create it as we live and chose specific paths. I also look at the bright side – it’s really hard to change your DNA to have the color of your eyes purple, but it’s definitely not impossible today to be born in a remote, quiet village in Romania and one day just leave everything behind and live with an African guy in Shanghai to see a mutation in your life’s DNA.

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