Control + F5 – Reload web pages and see changes

I use CTRL + F5 in Windows to reload a web page and see the changes that I just made in WordPress. Especially for WordPress themes and plugins translations, it’s very helpful to see if you translated the words in the right place, since the same words can be found in several places.

Enable javascript in firefox

I use Linux (Fedora) now and sometimes one update messes up things, so I need to fix them. I often can’t see videos right or some web pages show up with missing elements. Not anymore since I got a fix.

I wanted to access Google Drive and I was told I need to enable javascript in Firefox 27.0 to do it. I googled the matter and it seemed to be very easy…except that it wasn’t. Because I use Firefox 27.0 – the last version of Firefox at this time – the menu is different and all the tutorials on the web instructed me to tick a box that wasn’t there.

How to enable javascript in Firefox 27.0:

1. Open a new tab.
2. Type in the address bar “about:config”
3. Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise”
4. Type in the search box “javascript.enabled”
5. Right click on “javascript.enabled” and chose “Toggle”
5. Close the tab. Issue resolved. Mission accomplished 🙂